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Oxidating is a Rust Communty Server focussed on beginners, learners and casual players.

Wipes are on monthly forced wipe dates only, last wipe was on 2019-10-03, Next wipe will happen around 2019-11-07. Blueprints will not be wiped.

The Server uses the umod plugin system for admin tools and improvements of gameplay.

Some information on players joining or leaving, deaths and PvE events are posted in global chat.

New players might get some items by the server or an admin.

Server Configuration

Server Modifications

Server Rules

The server rules are in place to ensure a good expierience and learning opportunity for beginners and inexpierienced players.

Advanced players are expected to be friendly and respectful to newcomers. Rule breaking can result in a ban from the server by an admin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i share a base with another player

No. It's a solo server, so every player has to build their own base. Admins can check on this and will enforce this rule. Using codelocks on your doors also increases the risk of getting raided.

Exception: Public bases for cooperative PvE, such as Oilrig, Military Tunnels, Heli takedowns.

Is Raiding allowed?

Yes, but do not destroy or empty the tool cupboard and try to avoid killing logged off players (sleepers)

What if i accidentally destroy a tool cupboard while raiding?

Craft and place a new tool cupboard, fill it up with the original materials nessecary for upkeep, deauthorize and and leave it unlocked.

Is PvP allowed during raids?


Is PvP allowed on a Supply Drop?

No. Whoever yoinks first, keeps.

How about Airdrops from Supply Signals?

Whoever throws the Supply Signal at their own base, owns the Airdrop. If someone attacks or tries to loot, the owner is allowed to defend.

Is Counter-Raiding allowed


Is Door-Camping allowed


What means "Inside Monuments"?

On the premises of the places named on the map; If there is a wall, inside that wall. If there is no wall: where the ground changes

Are caves, substations, wild swamps, pylons, ice lakes, etc... considered monuments?


Wens Wip?

Look here

Will blueprints be reset after a wipe?


How do i remove a door?

Unlock the lock, remove the lock, open the door, pick it up with a hammer.

Can i remove my own walls?

No. But if you ask nicely, an admin might remove it for you.

What mods/plugins does this server have?

Vanish, Radar, Godmode and a custom logging plugin, all strictly for admin use only.

Can you increase stack sizes, gather rates, etc?

No, this server is listed in the community section and therefore no plugins that change gameplay are allowed.

Is this a vanilla server?

No, but game mechanics are the same as on a vanilla server.